Too many Australians are missing out on the cancer treatment they need

About RTAG

RTAG is an alliance of cancer patient advocates, healthcare providers, medical technology vendors and oncology professionals.

RTAG’s members and member organisations are aligned in their desire to raise the profile of radiation therapy across Australia and ensure it is adequately funded by government.

The group provides highly informed advice to government and to the general public about radiation therapy and associated health policy issues.

RTAG’s initial focus is on highlighting the radiation therapy ‘gap’ that is clearly evident in regional and rural Australia. RTAG also offers advice and information on a range of relevant issues to the sector and how it affects cancer patients and communities.

The following organisations support RTAG’s activities:


Authorised by A/Prof. Peter O’Brien, Radiation Therapy Advisory Group,
c/o Level 12, 54 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW.